Hey, I remain impressed by the fact that the plane flew well enough to land it without any further problems and amazed that with all of the technology available today, that there is not something that essentially prevents the pilot from doing that.


On 16/07/2014 4:47 PM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes wrote:
And the pilot was Bang Ding Ow


On 7/15/14 10:43 PM, archer75--- via Mercedes wrote:
More on this story:

"......A passenger reported the takeoff appeared normal initially until the aircraft began to rotate, the nose lifted up, however, nothing happened. The nose dropped again, then rose very sharply perhaps because of the runway end becoming visible. A sound of impact was heard from the back of the cabin followed by scratching sounds, that lasted for about 5 seconds, then the aircraft began to climb. During the initial climb the aircraft was shaking, the right wing dropped which the passenger, frequent traveller, perceived as unusual. The aircraft continued to climb heading north out of the Madrid area, no announcements were made.......snip





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