On 1/18/06, R A Bennell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Well, I happen to have a stout Ford V8 that I am uncertain as to what to do
> with, BUT I do not think I will put it in my poor old Benz. Now on the other
> hand, if I had a spare diesel Benz motor I might be tempted to try to put it
> in an old Chevy pickup that I also have sitting around doing not much at the
> moment. I know it might be a bit underpowered but the idea appeals somehow.
> Randy

I ran across a fairly well gutted Wrangler (engine wise) a couple
weeks back. Still had the rear end, but I would have had to find a
transfer case. Kept thinking the same thing. "Wonder how a MB Diesel
Jeep would make the DaimlerChrysler purists roll in their Cudas?"

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