Is that one for generating aircraft power? I recall working at the FBO back in college, and the radio shop that rented space in the hangar had one of these things they would crank up to provide power to their radios. It had a big 60Hz motor fed off the mains driving a 400Hz generator. It was incredibly big and loud, appealing. I never understood the 400Hz aspect of aircraft power but there you go.


Jim Cathey wrote:

Somebody stop me before my wife kills again!

I just won a GSA auction for a 400 Hz/60 Hz 25kVA motor
generator set.  I'm not sure whether it eats 400 Hz or
60 Hz.  Regardless, in a perfect world I can hook a diesel
to the end shaft and spin it.  In a really perfect world,
both the 400 Hz and 60 Hz machines are synchronous, and
both can be generators.  400 Hz will drive resistive loads
(like my furnace elements) just fine.

In a sucky world it's a 400 Hz generator hooked to a 60 Hz
induction motor, and there's no end stub to couple to.  In
that case, maybe I strip out the meters etc. and feed it to
the scrapyard.  It was $125, and weighs 2600#.

Anybody know anything about Kurz and Root MD-3's?  About
all I know is that it's a 1200 RPM unit.

-- Jim

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