Christopher McCann wrote:
35% is the max for front two windows in Missouri - other windows can be as dark 
as you want.
1. will it interfere with the rear defrost? (good shop is doing the work)

It shouldn't. I even have a piece of that static-cling type tint film in my rear window and the defogger works just fine under it. (Well, the three remaining working wires do. But the other ones were bad before I put the film on. ;) )
  2. I'm thinking 35% in front and ...not sure the rest. I want it dark, but I 
want to be able to see out too...50%, 60%?...

I used to have a Ford van with a very deep factory tint in the rear. I'm not sure how dark it was, but probably over 50% -- you couldn't see in from the outside. During daylight it was fine. At night I felt like I needed brighter reverse lights.

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