Bob said...

It was the computer equivelent feeling like you get when you walk into a
Mercedes showroom in short, flipflops, a Morrissey tee shirt and a bucket
hat and get leered at by the salesdudes. ("Don't worry, I'm just heading to
parts, man")

LOL...been there, done that.  At Star Motorcars in Houston, you used to have
to walk through the showroom to get to the parts desk.  When they built the
new showroom, they put the parts desk entrance outside so us peons could get
in without anyone seeing us.  Mercedes Houston North even built a separate
building, although the parts desk is right next to the service waiting room.
Always feel a little self conscious when I go in wearing my shorts, sandals,
and tee shirt to get a filter or something, but I still go over and get a
free Diet Coke out of the fridge <GRIN>.  It's payback for the $300 they
charged me to install the sunroof gasket on my 300TD.  One thing I haven't
done yet is go down to Mercedes of Sugar Land on a Saturday to get the free
car wash (free for life, even if you didn't buy it there...)  One of these
days I'll do that just on principle.

Royce Engler
1985 300TD Turbo 265K

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