Last time we (wife and I) walked into a Benz dealership (Des Moines, to buy
a couple of $1 parts) they INSISTED that I sit in a 600-series SL. Sales
lady asked what I thought, and I was honest, telling her that my white ass
felt really good sitting there in a $140K car. Then I told her that my
salary was sub-$30K a year.  (Didn't mention the military retirement pay.)
Should have seen her face fall! 6777777777  <--- that was the cat's input,
hopping up to look out the window.

On 1/20/06, Royce Engler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Bob said...
> It was the computer equivelent feeling like you get when you walk into a
> Mercedes showroom in short, flipflops, a Morrissey tee shirt and a bucket
> hat and get leered at by the salesdudes. ("Don't worry, I'm just heading
> to
> parts, man")
> LOL...been there, done that.  At Star Motorcars in Houston, you used to
> have
> to walk through the showroom to get to the parts desk.  When they built
> the
> new showroom, they put the parts desk entrance outside so us peons could
> get
> in without anyone seeing us.  Mercedes Houston North even built a separate
> building, although the parts desk is right next to the service waiting
> room.
> Always feel a little self conscious when I go in wearing my shorts,
> sandals,
> and tee shirt to get a filter or something, but I still go over and get a
> free Diet Coke out of the fridge <GRIN>.  It's payback for the $300 they
> charged me to install the sunroof gasket on my 300TD.  One thing I haven't
> done yet is go down to Mercedes of Sugar Land on a Saturday to get the
> free
> car wash (free for life, even if you didn't buy it there...)  One of these
> days I'll do that just on principle.
> Royce Engler
> 1985 300TD Turbo 265K
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