Donald Snook wrote:
From what I understand, the gasser 126's start in 2nd gear and this is
why they are little slow off the line.  A few questions?  Why did
Mercedes do this?  If it starts in 2nd then does it ever go into 1st?
Is there a way to change this? Is there a reason not too?

It was NOT emissions related, but related to creep when stopped when you took your foot off the brake. In the early '90s Mercedes saw the error of their ways and allowed the gas transmissions to start in 1st. Cars built a year or two before 1st gear starts became standard COULD be converted (it was NOT a cheap conversion - required that the valve body be removed and some pieces replaced) but cars with transmissions build before that (about '89 and earlier I think) can't be converted (you'd need a completely replace the valve body).

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