We've had this 1990 W124 2.5 Diesel since new, and it has always started in 2nd when not running "red light drags". And the literature we got with the car said that is the way it was supposed to operate - and 220k miles later, it still runs the same!

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Different years & models have the 2nd gear start. My 1986 and 1990
300E's both started in second gear, and I believe all years did. My
1987 300D starts in first gear, and I would have SWORN that all 124
diesels started in first. Kaleb? Don? Sunil? What's the deal? The E420
and E500 both start in second, although this can be rectified with
electronic wizardry (I have the BergWerks 1st gear start kit in my
car), or with a RENNtech valve body (at over 4x the cost). Not many
gas 124's started in first, if any... I forget if/when MB finally got
away from this annoying practice.


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OK, but the question specific was to a US model W126 gas model. I know
nuttin' about W124's or Euro anything!

On 1/24/06, Werner Fehlauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yes, but the '90 124 2.5 Diesel starts in 2nd, unless you "floor" it.
> Werner

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