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and I would have SWORN that all 124
diesels started in first. Kaleb? Don? Sunil? What's the deal?
The Euro 124 w/2.5 diesel, owner's manual that I have mentions the 2nd gear start and I have driven US versions, they all started in 2nd. I have not driven a gas 124.

I have only driven two or 3 '90s 124 diesels and I REALLY didn't notice. All of the pre 90s 124 diesels I've driven started in first (just like the Mercedes document shows

All of my 201s start in 1st (at least the way I drive them).


You are correct Johnny B. The 602 non-turbo (and 601s made AFTER 3/84 - my 190D 2.2 was an early '84) starts in 2nd unless the accelerator is pressed down 40% or more. Three of my 201 have had manual transmissions so they don't count.

See the chart referred to above. Only place I know that covers a LOT of transmissions in one place.

The chart seems to cover everything thru '89, but I really don't have an authoritative source for information on '90 and later cars.

ALL turbodiesel engines start in 1st thru '89.


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