If anybody wants a decent SLC, the fellow with that CL 79 450 called and wants to know if anybody here wanted it. He has so far only shown to me and was getting ready for others to come look. We have first refusal.

Jim  @ 206 521-9105

On Wednesday, January 25, 2006, at 08:48 AM, Jim Cathey wrote:

I too believe that to be expensive. I have a 1979 450SL that I'm
planning to
sell it does need a bit of TLC and I'm not going to expect half of that

Our '76 is also much less than that one.  But Luthur's hell-bent
on owning a '78, nothing else, which cuts his supply down to about
1/20 of what's out there.  With patience I'm sure he'll find one.

If you are serious take a really close look first. Trunk lid rust is a
typical 107 trait. That rust looks pretty advanced. Road dirt gets
between the outer skin and the inner structure and absorbs moisture,
rust out. Best to just replace the trunk lid. Mine has been fixed
twice and
it starting to rust again. I think a new lid is about $500 then it
painting. I couldn't tell for sure but it looks like the muffler has

That's the worst feature of ours.  Every time I looked into getting
it fixed it was just too expensive compared to what you'd get.  I
always figured I'd just wait until it was time to paint the entire
car before I'd address the problem.  It hasn't gotten any worse on
our watch so far as I can tell.

-- Jim

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