Interim report.The method demonstrated in the video did not work for me, as I 
could not get them to separate.So, in best english fashion, I had to make-do 
and make a tool.The tool is a 2 ft long piece of 1x3 oak and holds the lifter 
in a simple clamp, open side down. A few whacks on the bench and the valve pops 
out.The wrists on the guy in the vid must have been strengthened by many short 
stroke oscillations.YMMVFred.

Fred Moir.Lynn MA.Diesel preferred.

> Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 14:23:35 -0400
> From:
> To:
> Subject: [MBZ] How to rebuild hydraulic lifters
> Found this in a post on peach parts.
> Looks interesting, but I wouldn't completely fill each lifter with oil
> before installing.  I've had to fight through an over-filled lifter before,
> it would be better to install them flat and let them inflate to proper
> height in-situ.
> Max
> Charleston SC

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