I always said I wished my 200D had a turbo, a sunroof and a taller fifth gear (or diff) that has been 40 years. The 4 cyl NA MB Diesels need a taller diff and a 5 speed or an overdrive 5 speed. I always felt it was hard on the engine to maintain the high rpm for 1000 mile + trips. Even 400 mile trips... when there was enough HP to support an overdrive.

since a 240/280Z engine is a M180 knockoff, i even bought a 280Z 5 speed once in hopes it would bolt up. It didn't. Datsoon, in their infinite wisdom changed the transmission mounting/bell housing setup, rather than faithfully copy the M180 engine.

Jaime, you have any writeup? It took probably at least an hour to get out the pedal set. I figure it will take several hours spread over more than one day to do the pedal swap.

I did it...


I wouldn't bother changing the diff, the top gear ratio of the 4 speed is
the same as the auto box, so your highway gearing won't change.  Unless you
live in a very flat area, a taller geared 240D isn't a good idea.  (I've
had several 240Ds and drove them for years, so I speak from experience.)

The conversion isn't difficult really.  The only custom part I needed was
the drive shaft, but if you're swapping from another 240D that won't be an
issue for you.  Everything bolted up and plugged in, even the reverse light

Getting the pedal cluster out isn't even that bad, as I saw you mention
early.  Its much worse in a W111/112... I just spent a hour getting one
bolt out for the brake master cylinder on a 63 300SE.  Not fun.

Good luck,

On Sun, Jun 7, 2015 at 12:05 PM, Curly McLain via Mercedes <
mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:

 anyone here that has already done a conversion from auto trans to manual
 in a 123?

 I am wondering about  putting in a 300D diff also to allow lower RPM at
 highway speeds.  Kinda a poboy overdrive.  I won't be able to find or
 afford a 5 speed.

 Patient is an 81 123 240D.

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