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I recently purchased a '83 300CD for dirt cheap, and drove it from
Dallas to Austin and back.  I noticed that there's a slight flair from
1st to 2nd, and sometimes from 2nd to 3rd. It also takes a second a or two to drop into reverse. What should i inspect/replace first? B2 piston?



This was just discussed the other day. There is a fix for the flaring which includes K1/K2 spring kits. There is an aftermarket mfr that makes a valve body kit also. A delay in switching from P-R-D-R is OK to a point, Dr Booth may be able to clarify how long is OK. Some flaring may be reduced by adjusting and/or replacing the modulator too. If its real bad you can disconnect the vacuum line to the modulator and put up with hard shifts for a zillion more miles. Kind of a free repair if you don't want to spend $$$$$$$$$$ at a tranny shop.

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