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So the issues finally come to an end, and I"m a little put off by my stupidity...

Took the car to my trusted indie shop. After two hours of troubleshooting, they came back and said the MAF was sketchy and all of the hoses on the top of the engine were questionable. Fine. I drive it home and it's still running poorly at low RPMs, especially when taking off form a stop. Get above 1500 RPM or 20 MPH, runs like a top. Hmm.

So I get a rebuilt MAF from MBUSA along with a full set of hoses for the topside of the engine.

Put everything on the car yesterday morning (and boy, were those hoses bad!) and the car still runs like crap. Dang it!

After my first test drive, I noticed besides the poor low speed operation, the left side cat was running hot. With this in mind, I'm thinking maybe I have a bad coil on that side of the engine. So I pull the distributor caps to take a look to see if their condition yields any clues....

Both caps are full of condensation. Grrr.

I clean both out, button everything up, drive the car. Runs like new.

Granted, the MAF was sketchy and the topside hoses were bad, but I can't help but wonder if the condensation wasn't part of the problem as well....

What's important is that it's fixed. Lesson learned.


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