How does that compare to the 5 litre V8? Some say that the V8 is the better motor, particularly in the SL due to the extra weight of the V12. Have you driven a 600SL? I don't think that the extra weight is going to affect handling in the sedan as much and the extra torque would be an asset in the heavier four door.

with the mighty four banger Merc and a couple of six cylinder diesel 4x4's

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402 horsepower
428 torque

Amazing car to drive. Love ours. Lots of power. Wiring sucks.

James Zavesky
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Alex, yes - that's what I recall and am talking about when I say it looked
sort of out of place (I thought bogus). Good observation. Stout car
Anybody know the h.p., torque, and performance specs?


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