On Wed, 24 Jun 2015 17:10:45 -0400 Dan Penoff via Mercedes
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> There’s some Meguire’s stuff (PlastX?) that I use on the clear plastic
> window on the R129 that has worked well on headlight (plastic) lenses
> as well.  Bought it at FLAPS.  If you’ve got crazed headlights, I’ve
> heard a lot of good things about the 3M restoration kit with the little
> buffing pad and stuff for around $20.
> I’ve also heard that the big box retailers like Dead Sam’s and Costco
> offer some kind of headlight restoration service that includes some
> sort of sealer or clearcoat that’s supposed to keep them clear longer.

This subject is timely, because I just noticed our truck needs its left
headlight cover worked on.




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