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 Free service blocks pesky robocalls*****

Spam - on how to stop spam.


The spammers are masterful at sending spam on how to stop spam. Similarly I suspect a lot of viruses are spread by the antivirus companies. One reason I never fully trusted kaspersky. Russian virus propagators selling anti-virus, or legitimate Ruskies? Oxymoron?

"anti-virus" people blackmailing gullible users....  THe list goes on.

How about "stockbrokers" turned "financial advisors" scamming people out of millions?

How about IRS taking money at gunpoint and using the power/money to favor certain parties/candidates?

Its all the same. Theft/extortion/blackmail. It used to be limited to the gangsters. Now the politicians are fully involved too; as are seeming legitimate businesses. Microsoft forcing you to upgrade and buy new hardware? Or forcing you to "rent" software forever? That used to be extortion or blackmail. Now it is "normal" The goobers and coppers that are supposed to intervene and stop the extortion are busy trying to figure out how to extort more money with traffic cameras and other unconstitutional means.


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