That's nuthin, try clawing back over $1200 in international long distance.
I was cold-called by an AT&T sales weasel and foolishly agreed to an
international plan, but instead of getting the 5ยข per minute plan he talked
about, I end up with a plan that charged roughly $1 per minute. Didn't pay
attention to November and December's bills, which were debited directly
from my checking, January rolls around and I finally take a look at the
finances and H!#!?!!&!!

I immediately called AT&T and thanks to God the lady was American. She was
able to fix the January bill, but I would have to deal with managers about
December and November.

My next call was to my bank, once again I was blessed to speak to a native,
this lady educated me on the exact phrasing of the spoken and written words
to communicate to AT&T to cancel the debit.  That was key.  Bank then
reversed the December debit for me, once they had a copy of my
communication with AT&T as well as statement from me that I did not agree
to the terms of the international plan that they charged.  AT&T would have
to send me a paper bill, and I would thenceforth pay by my choice of means.

AT&T kept sending me bills for December, I only paid the current balance,
and once per week or more I'd call to speak with a manager about it, and
dutifully recorded their name and date and what they said they would do.
After a couple months  I finally got rather upset at a manager with whom
I'd spoken several times who promised to "refer the matter to such&such
department" but nothing ever came of it.  The next month I get a notice
from their collections department.  I immediately called the collections
number, dumped the whole story all over the collections lady, let her know
the names and dates and promises from all the "managers", and pointed out
that I've been a loyal AT&T customer for over 14 years and that they had
made a huge profit on my account during that time.  I said I was a very
satisfied customer up until this issue, and intended to keep AT&T, but if
this matter was not resolved then I would have to find another service
provider.  She puts me on hold for about ten minutes and when she returns,
December debt is erased, November is corrected as well, and the next month
I had a credit of about $200.

I've still got AT&T, but I look VERY CLOSELY at those bills now.


On July 27, 2015 6:27:18 PM EDT, Rich Thomas via Mercedes <> wrote:
> So I finally got into the acct once they told me the login name, which I
> had forgotten.  Looking at the bill I see 2 companies charging a total
> of $26/month, one of them a domestic LD provider that seems to charge
> 5cents/min but then $14/mo for the privilege, and another is an
> INTERNATIONAL long distance provider that charges like $12/mo for
> something unclear, there have never been any intl LD calls from the
> line.  I got "Stella" the 3rd CS rep, to delete the past month's charges
> but I have to call the ripoff companies to try to get reimbursement for
> the past.
> --R

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