CAMPAIGN 2016:Ted Cruz professes 'full-out denial' of climate changePublished:
Monday, August 3, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said yesterday he does not
believe global warming is occurring.

The Texas senator said during a forum hosted by Freedom Partners, part of
the Koch brothers political network, that "the data and facts don't
support" that global warming is occurring, a statement that the moderator
of the forum characterized as a "full-out denial."

Cruz has previously likened people who believe in climate change to
"flat-Earthers" and says the concept is a Trojan horse used by liberals to
impose "massive government controls" on the economy (*Greenwire*
<>, March 27).

The senator also came out in opposition to the Clean Power Plan set to be
unveiled by the Obama administration today.

Cruz's stance sets him apart from other Republican presidential candidates;
none of the 16 others has come out prominently against the science of
climate change (Ben Jacobs, London*Guardian*
Aug. 2). *-- BTP*


There is no "science of climate change."

There is only a "global warming/coming ice age/climate change/goobermnt theft by gunpoint/theft by albore" scam.

The scam has been exposed repeatedly.  Grow up!  Get over it!

Be proud that one candidate has the spine to stand up and say "the king has no clothes."


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