Are the organic pads still using asbestos?!

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> On Aug 10, 2015, at 5:17 PM, Curly McLain via Mercedes 
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>> I did them on a 201, some kind of random brand Rusty sent me. I also put 
>> Akebonos on my Ranger after everybody told me how great they are.Other than 
>> a lack of brake dust I never saw anything so terrific about them. They 
>> stopped good but they didn't seem to last any better than anything else. The 
>> last time I changed the pads on the 190D I put Pagid which were half the 
>> price though still twice the price of the squeeky pads Car Quest sold me.
>> -Curt
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>>  Not a 123, but a 124 and an Infiniti.  Superior in every way.  Just ordered 
>> a set for my 124 wagon to replace the OEM pads, about $45 for the front set 
>> with free shipping on Amazon.
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>> Max Dillon
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> Curt brings up a good point.  The harder the pads (ceramic) the more likely 
> they are to squeal, AND the more they wear your rotors.
> I can get 200 to 300k out of rotors with the cheap (dusty) pads.  it is easy 
> to change pads and cheap, it is harder and expensive to change rotors.
> Ceramic pads DO have to be broken in properly to work properly and also to 
> not warp your rotors.
> The ceramic pads of the dogde and the rotors needed to be changed at a little 
> over 100k.  Mucho dinero$$$
> I've never had to buy rotors for my Mercedes with the "organic" or asbestos 
> pads.
> I see no advantage, unless you have a show car and the dust is a significant 
> factor.  I see several DISadvantages to ceramic.
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