The 1980s were really bad for Mercedes when it came to paint and clear coat. 
When I first moved to Florida in the mid 90s and was looking for cars I saw 
lots and lots of 80s era MBs with failed clear coats, base coats and "courtesy 

I have to believe the formulations or application, whichever caused the 
premature failures, was addressed by the late 80s, as the occurrences seem to 
be far less common.

This is my main reason to sticking to single stage colors, like white and 
black. That and it's pretty much impossible to recover a finish if it's clear 


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> On Sep 19, 2016, at 9:47 AM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> I don't live in a hot place but I've never seen a car newer than 10 years old 
> with a failed clearcoat. The CC on our '05 Golf is fine, the '04 Ranger CC 
> was still fine when we got rid of it. The only car I ever had with failed 
> clearcoat was my '83 240D which must have been a cheap repaint.
> I travel to California often (in 2 weeks as a matter of fact) and I don't see 
> a ton of cars there with failed clear coat and you see old cars driving 
> around LA all the time...
> -Curt
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> Subject: Re: [MBZ] Clear Coat Question
> Not sure about hot spaces, but in the wet PNW, if the dang paint failed in 
> two years, the car was off to the dealer under warrantee.  I had a few 
> neighbors who had the chrysler POS paint and ended up with new paint on the 
> car.  The newer coating lasted more than a few years.
> Though a black or dark car is pretty spiffy, in a warm environment, the 
> lighter colors are more in vogue.  Or at least they were when I lived in warm 
> environments.  A blue was more pastel, reds were .. well, red.  Light green, 
> orange, white, silver, all colors that would not suck up calories, which 
> might scorch a kid should it touch it.  AT that time, not too many cars were 
> AC equipped, so interiors were light if not fabric.
> clay
>> On Sep 18, 2016, at 6:11 AM, Curley McLain via Mercedes 
>> <> wrote:
>> In the case of cars in hot places, do people get them repainted with a solid 
>> color after a couple years, or just drive around with the clear peeling?  
>> Probably, it depends.  The old pickup does not get painted.  But does the 2 
>> yr old car used for business?
>> My only experience was with Livingston, CA and people there seemed to 
>> repaint the cars and trucks in a solid white.  But that was maybe 15 years 
>> ago when clear was not as prevalent.  Made sense to me, it you were going to 
>> live in a hot place...
>>> G Mann via Mercedes <>
>>> September 18, 2016 at 12:27 AM
>>> Clear coat paint is a programmed failure. Mechanically, sunlight passes
>>> through the clear coat, is reflected by the base coat, which is smooth and
>>> refle


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