Mine is a Maytag.  It is the Centennial (I think). Top loader, no agitator.  
Huge capacity, but I don't think it cleans as well as our old Maytag. 

Don Snook 

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When I heard Maytag was gonna quit building real "reliable" washing machines, 
(before they went under) I went out and bought a new set.  The dryer motor has 
been problematic, but the washing machine just works.  
So far, have not even needed to tip it up for a new belt.  Fantastic machines.

Bought an old set for #1 daughter 7 yrs ago.  they have been fine.  no problemo 
so far.

> Donald Snook via Mercedes <mailto:mercedes@okiebenz.com> September 19, 
> 2016 at 8:29 AM My HE washer (which I hate and wish I had not bought) 
> works fine with regular detergent except it has some sort of sensor 
> and the wash cycle will take longer because it washes longer and 
> rinses more. I can't really explain it. It took a lot longer to run 
> through its cycles.
> We gave the regular stuff to the kids and buy the HE detergent.
> Donald H. Snook


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