I currently have three vehicles and I want to eliminate some.

I have:

2000 BMW 740iL 227,xxx miles

2001 BMW 740iL Sport 131,000 miles

1992 Ford F-150 148,000

I am considering a few scenarios.

First, sell all three vehicles (or trade in two of them and sell the other) and 
get one vehicle that meets all my needs.

Second, sell the 01 BMW and the truck and keep the 00 BMW and drive it until 
the wheels fall off.

Third, sell the 01 BMW, and keep the truck and the 00 BMW.


The 2000 740iL runs great. Its very comfortable. In fact, I think it is more 
comfortable than the 01. But, it has 227K miles and needs a rear bumper (has a 
big crack and chunk missing from the bottom). It isn't worth much with the 
miles. It is still a very clean car. It has the security glass windows that are 
starting to delaminate a little, so it looks like I have fog inside two of the 
windows. It doesn't bother me much. It is my daily driver.  If I tried to sell 
the car, it wouldn't bring much and is probably worth more to me to just drive 

The 01 740iL is a beautiful car in Royal Rot and it is a sport with the 
staggered M-Par wheels and great looking sand colored interior. It is a very 
nice car, but in the time I have had it, 3 of the power windows have screwed 
up. I think I need the replacement metal wheels for the regulators. The 
regulators are still going up and down but the windows don't move. It also has 
the trifecta (ABS, Traction, etc) lights on. I do not know if it is the one 
wheel speed sensor that has not been replaced yet or if its the ABS box 
(whatever it is called). The suspension is excellent (front and rear) as 
everything has been replaced by the previous owner or me in the last 20,000 
miles. This car still has pretty good value. But, in order to sell it for what 
it is really worth, I am going to have to at least fix the three windows.

1992 Ford F-150 XLT. Its super clean and rust free and runs great. Has 4 new 
tires, and I used it a couple months ago to tow a trailer and 4,000 pound car 
on a 600 mile trip and it impressed the hell out of me and had no trouble. I 
rarely use it, but it is always handy to have a truck. Its V8 2wd regular cab. 
Runs great, but needs a compressor for the a/c. Here's the snag on it. I bought 
it a few years ago, and I can't find the title. In fact, I couldn't find the 
title when I tried to register it the first time. So, I will have to get the 
small dealer I bought it from to apply for lost title and then get it from him. 
Not a big deal, I just haven't done it yet.

I have 5 kids. But, 3 of them are grown and have their own kids. We go and 
visit the other kids and grandkids pretty frequently. It is a four hour drive 
one way. We usually take my 00 BMW. But, sometimes we have to bring a couple 
extra kids. 5 people in the 7 series isn't bad, but it gets crowded quick and I 
am wondering about a big SUV. I don't really care about gas mileage for my 
daily driver because my office is 5 miles from my house and I put less than 
15,000 miles on my cars in a year.

Don Snook

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