The worst rain is again passin 100 miles N of us. That said, the radio reports water up to 4' deep on all major 4 lane roads, one a US Highway, another a former US highway before the highway bypassed the town. I suspect that the major 4 lane restricted access roads will be closed soon, if not already flooded.

One block south, there is flooding. Fortunately, we are 50' higher, so no real floods here, but I can see the water is into the shed, so the carport and garage will be flooded from surface runoff. another 12-15" expected before morning.

100 miles N, they already had 15" and everything was flooded yesterday. That is the cedar valley. Cedar Rapids is bracing for another flood, but as of this morning, it ws not expected to be as bad as the "1000 year flood" in 2008.

Judging by the "500 year" and "1000 year" floods I have seen and survived, I forget how old I am. somewhere between 2500 years old and 5000 years old, I think. Maybe more...

....Make it 40 cubits wide...



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