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> https://www.consumerreports.org/2017-chevrolet-bolt/chevrolet-bolt-sets-electric-vehicle-range-record/

Hmm, not as efficient as a Spark, 3x the battery, more than twice the charge 
rate (7.6kW for Bolt, 3.3kW for Spark, the two biggest Spark drawbacks for me 
are the 15A onboard 240v charger and the fact that it's based on a low end 
Korean subcompact with mediocre aerodynamics)

I found a salvage Spark with no serious body damage, car shut down, $9500 
estimated repair cost. What idiot totaled the car instead of taking it to a 
dealer and making GM fix it while it had a warranty? Unless it's a flood car 
and for some reason didn't get a flood label on the title, I just don't get it. 
My salvage dealer looked at it and said "I smell a rat".

There are 3 2015s up for auction next week. Maybe I should buy all three and 
become a used EV dealer. I can keep the one I like the best, and pay for half 
of it by selling the other two. Maybe hire a hotshotter with a 2-3 car wedge 
instead of using a regular car hauler. Or for that matter, rent a wedge, borrow 
a diesel pickup, and get them myself. 



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