Drove the wagon with its new Bilsteins over to Clearwater and back so I could 
pick up my new SKS and drop off some remaining W140 parts I had with an MB 
buddy who lived over that way.

Definitely an improvement.  While road surface discrepancies were more 
noticeable, the “judder” that I often got in the front end when going over a 
pothole or really large bump is gone.  I was sure this was due to poor or no 
damping from the original shocks that were allowing the suspension to rebound 
when it shouldn’t be.

Wife was at a work gathering this evening, so I took the opportunity to put a 
new door check on the driver’s door.  The inner door panel was a little 
“floppy” I had noticed when I got the car, so when I picked up the door check 
at the dealer I made sure to replenish my supply of the little white plastic 
pins that hold the door panels in place.

Surprise!  All of the original pins were there. But - the plastic panels they 
clip into on the door panel were all broken loose from the inside of the panel. 
 There are about eight of these plastic panels around the sides and bottom of 
the door panel, all glued in place to the inside of the door panel when new.  
None of them were glued in place any longer - they were all broken loose of 
their glue bonds and just hanging on the door by the plastic pins.

No wonder the door panel was floppy…

So the door panel comes inside and I used up nearly half of the JB Weld I had 
on hand to glue all of them back into place.  Luckily, the old glue, the 
yellowish stuff that looks like hot glue, was still there and acted as a 
template for positioning the panels as I put them back into place.  Spring 
clamps will assure a tight bond as they dry.

Hopefully they’ll hold and I’ll be able to put the panel back on tomorrow 


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