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> What did you pay?  Why do you need approval - to use bitcoins for the
> purchase?

On Reserve = the same as any reserve price auction, except the buyer and seller 
can exchange counter offers after the non-sale. 
One time I was the winning bidder at $1500, seller countered $1800, I countered 
$1500, then next thing I knew it was relisted for next week. The next week 
somebody else (probably the same dealer who bid $1450 to my $1500 the week 
before) had the winning bid, reserve not met, at $1450 and it was sold. No idea 
if it sold for $1450, $1800, or something in between. Made me wish I'd kept 
bidding $1500 until the seller gave up and let me have it. 

On Approval = no matter how high the winning bid is, there's no sale unless the 
seller accepts the winning bid, or the buyer and seller come to some agreement 
after the seller rejects the winning bid.


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