This thing is all Japanese, maybe a few stickers with some merkin on them to help the gaijin know what to do.

I ran it out of fuel yesterday (the tank is rounded at the bottom so there is less in there than appears).  Filled it up and it wouldn't start.  Bled the filter and in/out lines and got the bowl filled, but it still wouldn't start.  Called my buddy who said I would have to bleed the lines at the injection pump, and if that didn't work, crack the injectors.  I went back over after dark and bled the line to the injection pump (philips screw on all the bleeders) and it fired right up, success.

I remembered having to do that on my dad's JD little diesel tractor after it sat for awhile, only that thing required like 3 different kinds of tools to do it and it was not easy to reach the bleed screws.  This Yanmar was so easy.


On 2/22/18 10:12 PM, Curley McLain via Mercedes wrote:
I's love to have a real little Japanese tractor, with the plates still in Japanese,



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