And all those fools with a microphone (who claim nobody needs and AR-15) don't own one, have never shot one, and the majority have never hunted or enjoyed shooting sports. They just parrot the lenin line.

They do this becaust the party line is to disarm the citizens so they can run a tyrannical gobberment. EXACTLY what the founders foresaw, and the reason they wrote the second amendment to allow armed citizens to prevent such tyranny. The founders were so right! It is fortunate that the Bill of rights was added, because many of the founders believed those rights to be "self evident" and those rights did not need to be stated.

BTW, I stopped in the local sho yesterday. They said they had been overwhelmed by folks buying hardware designed by armalite. In fact, they want to start manufacturing, like Palmetto. I wish them well.

Scott Ritchey via Mercedes <>
February 23, 2018 at 4:02 PM
I hear many pundits calm that nobody needs to own an AR-15. Looks aside, the AR-15 is just a modular self-loading rifle in .223/5.56 caliper. This is a “reduced power” round that originally evolved from a varmint round. Consider:

* There may be more than one attacker

* You almost always need to shoot an attacker more than once to stop an attack (even with a rifle).

* You may miss (cops miss over 80% of the time)

Considering this, 20-30 rapid-fire rounds doesn’t seem too many if you need to stop an attack on your family.

By the way, the light, high-speed .223 round has less over-penetration potential through structures than a typical pistol round (like 9mm).



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