On 14/01/2020 10:26 AM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
I think the biggest negative about 3D printing is the time it takes to clean up 
or finish a print. Most people think you just upload the file, turn the printer 
on and go. A lot depends on how fine a line/resolution/layer you set up to 
print, which also affects print time substantially. Default settings in most of 
the printing software is pretty rough, and if you don’t tune it, you’ll spend a 
lot of time filing and trimming the finished product because it’s so rough.


I think there is quite a learning curve to make it work well too. I subscribe to another list that has gravitated to 3D printing from the original intent (metal working) and have read a lot of posts by people trying to figure out how to make the printers work well enough to produce useful parts or items.



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