> Where could this water be coming from? Coolant has been low again and again
> and it is leaving puddles. The radiator etc just got replaced, so I thought
> it would be coming from the front of the car. But no, it is dripping off
> this exhaust bracket mount way on the back of the tranny. Makes me think
> maybe heater related, but of course the heater is not on as it was in the
> 90s here today. 1.5 gallons got me about 80 miles on the freeway. I carry
> jugs around. Thanks for any ideas.

Ours had a leaky heater hose just off the back of the engine.  It was a bit
swollen, and would only leak sometimes.  P/N 126 832 12 94 for the right
side hose.  (Left is 126 832 28 94.)

The heater doesn't have to be on, the entire coolant system is pressurized
at all times, whether there's flow or not.

-- Jim


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