I thought the same thing about antifreeze smell if the heater core was
leaking; my wagon heater core has had a leak like that for at least a
decade and it always smells a tiny bit when it first comes on. Gotta be a
heater hose. Thanks.

On Wed, Jul 19, 2023, 6:17 AM Jim Cathey <jim.cathey...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Where could this water be coming from? Coolant has been low again and
> again
> > and it is leaving puddles. The radiator etc just got replaced, so I
> thought
> > it would be coming from the front of the car. But no, it is dripping off
> > this exhaust bracket mount way on the back of the tranny. Makes me think
> > maybe heater related, but of course the heater is not on as it was in the
> > 90s here today. 1.5 gallons got me about 80 miles on the freeway. I carry
> > jugs around. Thanks for any ideas.
> Ours had a leaky heater hose just off the back of the engine.  It was a bit
> swollen, and would only leak sometimes.  P/N 126 832 12 94 for the right
> side hose.  (Left is 126 832 28 94.)
> The heater doesn't have to be on, the entire coolant system is pressurized
> at all times, whether there's flow or not.
> -- Jim

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