Hi, Dennis.

$200 for both of the seats is fair. I would like to compare them to those in your 300SD's to check the wiring. I remember my dad modifying a Cadillac seat to fit in our 1971 Buick Riviera. The seat had the power switches on the side where the Riviera had them in the arm rest. He took the switch out, covered the holes with a plate, and wired it to work with the switches in the door as the original seat did.

Would this weekend be a good time to come to "look" at the seats?

Kevin in Hillsboro Oregon
1983 300SD 284K miles, Ursula

PS. I wish that I was able to drive her home, but even with the crummy seats, it was still a pleasant ride with my dad at the wheel fighting the elements and traffic with Joel, the black Lab guide dog in the back seat.

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