That will be fine Kevin I'll make sure I'm here. I probably have some brand
new brake rotors for the SD here.


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That's great if the plugs are the same ((just slap them in and go)!  The 
only other pressing thing on this car is brakes.  I think it's got a warped 
rotor or two because when the brakes are applied, I can feel pulsation 
through the car.  The pads are doing OK since there's no squeaking or 
grinding.  It needs a few minor things such as a clip or two on the rear 
headliner panel around the rear dome light, some power seat switch knobs and

some vacuum lock items (haven't torn it apart to see what's leaking yet but 
the pump does work).

Saturday afternoon at around 3:00 will work for me.  I do still have your 
phone numbers as well.



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