This year I opted for "Beer Can Chicken" instead of turkey.......

Still mmmmmm  mmmmmm  GOOD!

On Nov 23, 2006, at 5:16 PM, Mike Canfield wrote:

Did ours in the fryer too......MMMM MMMM Good!

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OK, here you go, some stuff about our 190D:

November 22, 2006

On my wife's road trip yesterday she complained that the passenger
seat would go back but not forwards, she ended up putting our boy in
the front 'cause she'd managed to eliminate his legroom in the rear.
So this morning I removed the seat.  (I don't think it was any more
stuck than usual, she just wasn't persistent/forceful enough.)
Standard 5 10mm bolts, four on the seat feet and one holding in the
seat belt track.  Pops right out then.  I found some kind of webbed
brace, two mounting holes, under the seat, along with six cents.
Wonder what that brace is from?  I didn't see anything obviously
missing on the seat bottom. Looks like something that may have come
from within the seat back, though it's not wide enough to span the
back's width, maybe I'll have a look later.  Anyway, I got all the
plastic hinge cover bits off without breaking any and removed the
track mechanism from the bottom of the seat.  (Unlike most earlier
seats I've experience with, the track assembly is held on with only
two Phillips screws, and four 13mm bolts.  It's actually easier to
take apart, once you have the plastic covers off.)  I put it in the
solvent tank to start loosening up, and then ran out of time.  I did
get the height tracks to start moving.  I'm thinking I ought to
liberate the pressure washer from its nest and blast this thing off,
it's so filthy.

There was only one of the two front seat mount covers, plastic, that
are so often missing.  I've not seen one at the boneyard yet.

I checked, and the trunk is still leaking around that light. Crap. I
want to find some kind of goopy non-drying putty to seal this kind of
stuff. All I have is rope putty. It's a bit stiff, but I may have to
try to make it work.

November 23, 2006

Got out the pressure washer and blasted off the seat track mechanism.
(That wasn't easy, everything like that has been winterized, and the
old fireplace inserts are in the way of getting the washer out of the
garage.  I just ran it in place.)  Then I blew off and out the track
with compressed air, and put it in the shop oven at 200 deg F to dry.
Came out nicely, and the tracks all moved fairly easily. I then lubed
the tracks with white lithium grease and reassembled the seat.

While I was in the area I took the seat back panel off, there was
nothing inside to indicate that the strange extra brace had come from
this seat.  Since I was there I removed the cargo net from the back
and tightened it up. It really needs a new shock cord, but I couldn't find the extra piece I know I have. It comes apart easily enough that
this will be no big deal to do at some later time.

With the seat reassembled and reinstalled it works _much_
better than before, and the height adjustment now works.
Mission accomplished!

I would have done the driver's seat today too, since I had all the
tools out, but dinnertime is approaching and I have many other things
to do first.

Happy bird-burning day!  Ours is just about to go into the pot.
Deep-fried, yum!  Takes about 45 minutes.

-- Jim

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