Traditional (for us) stuffed and roasted turkey with all the trimmings
- still stuffed, myself.
The MB's will have to wait till tomorrow. The SLC came from the PO
with a very heavy accelerator pedal. Since I had it apart, I replaced
the springs with lighter ones. I got a nice light pedal - a little too
light actually (smash it, and it doesn't want to stop till the
manifold pressure rises), so I need to replace the one at the throttle
butterfly with the next heavier one. Then I'll fix the fuel pre-heat
thermostat on the SDL since the parts finally arrived.

Norman, OK
"The Americans will always do the right thing... after they've
exhausted all the alternatives."
Sir Winston Churchill
'90 300D, '87 300SDL, '81 240D, '78 450SLC, '97 Ply Grand Voyager

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