<< Is there a procedure for R&I of the IP anywhere (marking in the timinng)?
couln't find anything on the SML.>>


I think you're looking for the IP pump R&R in the shop manual.  I can
probably help you off-list.

I did pretty much the same procedure, last summer to replace the IP timing
gear / Vac pump driver.
It's not rocket science, but kind of time consuming. And you do have to mess
with the cam timing and remove the chain tensioner.  I recommend removing
the intake manifold system and injector lines, the fan, belt, and vac pump.
I'm not sure removing all that stuff is required.  But from experience I can
say the job goes much quicker if you take the time to do that.  Be sure to
order an intake manifold gasket, and an IP pump timing pin tool.  It would
also be a perfect opportunitiy to replace all five clear plastic lines, and
o-rings around the IP, if you haven't done that already.  On my '95, one of
the black rubber coated fuel lines from the tank was starting to weep too.
My IP pump o-ring looked OK, last summer, so I didn't replace it.  But right
now I'm wishing I had taken more time to get a new one from Rusty.

Good luck,
Ned Kleinhenz
'95 E300D x2
'85 300D
'80 300TD

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