*> I think you're going to need to get the car up so that you can get
under it while the engine is running to see where the oil is coming
I was unerneath. The oil is coming from above the pan. The mating surface of
the timing case to the block is directly straight up there. Can't see up
past the pan and from above the intake gizmo is in the way. I wonder if the
engine runs with the intake resonator removed.

*>Perhaps the injection pump seal ("O" ring) to the block is leaking!*
I too was thinking this, but there shouldn't be pressure at the seal. The
EPC shows an O-ring and a shaft seal.
It would be helpful to know how the oil gets circulated through the IP. The
SML CD does not give a clue, but 20 pages as how to calculate oil

*> If I had to guess, I'd say it was an oil cooler line spraying
onto the side of the pan. This would only happen under pressure.
There might be an oil level sensor about there on that engine as well
- it might be coming from there, but I'd think it would leak all the
*AFAIK the cooler lines are on the other side of the block. The only line
next to the pan is the transmission cooler line.  The oil level sender is
in this side of the pan, but way back and looks dry.

Hans Neureiter

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