<p>Is there an acceptable, readily available substitute for W201 SLS 
fluid?</p><p>I find it necessary to use the 16v for a daily driver this week. I 
put a used control valve in it, and now it goes up and down when I work the 
lever on the valve, and it holds base pressure. I want to get rid of my test 
fluid (universal farm hydraulic oil) and put in something close to what is 
supposed to be in there before I install the new accumulators. </p><p>Is it 
safe to use the tractor fluid for a few days? The stuff is kind of smelly, so I 
worry about it harming the rubber bladders in my accumulators. </p><p>I found 
an old message from Meade that suggested 5606A aviation fluid was the closest 
match, but it seems the stuff is outdated. Common stuff now if 5609, 5606B 
might be available, I think it superceded 5606A. My neighbor, the ex aircraft 
mechanic, suggested that 5606B was very much like Dexron, but I don't know if 
he was basing that on facts or just on them both being red and thin. !
 He did say it had less viscocity loss than 5606A when warm. I'm thinking 
Dexron wouldn't be likely to damage the bladders in my new accumulators, but 
I'd like to be sure. </p><p></p><p>Mitch</p><p>1979 300SD</p><p>1986 
2.3-16</p><p>1987 2.5 turbo</p>

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