Zoltan Finks wrote:
The designation SDL sounds familiar, as does SEL. But I couldn't tell you
what sets them apart from the SD and the SL.

More specifically, I'll mention that my wondering whether there was such
thing as an SDL was ended tonight in a mall parking lot when I saw an one.
Looked to be mid to late 80s. Of course long wheel base and top of the
line-looking, including headlight wipers.

So is the SDL simply a top of the line SD?

An "S" class car that's a diesel will be an "SD" and if the body is longer than the standard sedan an L is added to the designation ("SDL"). Thru 1985 all "S" class diesels were SDs. In '86-87 all the "S" class diesels were SDLs. In '90-'91 most were SDLs but a few SD were manufactured. I believe that all the W140 diesels were in the shorter chassis.

Marshall Booth Ph.D.
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