It seems than at Wed, 13 Feb 2008 08:42:37 -0600, Donald wrote:

> Larry wrote:
>  "Are the 305/350 engines derivitives of the 283 that Chevy
> released in the mid 50s?"
> I don't know.  Most of GM's engines use pretty old pushrod
> technology, but they do seem to have improved it to a point
> where everything falls apart before the engine.
> Donald H. Snook


All of the GM small-block engines are descendants of that
engine. Somewhere along about 1990 they changed the rear
crankshaft seal. I'm not sure what has broken compatibility
since about 1995 'cause I don't have one - but things like the
intake manifold, distributor, water pump, etc from a late '80
will bolt onto an 1955 engine. Obviously the crank and pistons
are not the same 'cause the displacement isn't the same.

--               Philip, with 4 of them, none stock.

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