On 10/13/2016 12:43 AM, Pierre-Yves David wrote:

On 10/12/2016 11:23 PM, Martijn Pieters wrote:
On 12 Oct 2016, at 14:00, Yuya Nishihara <y...@tcha.org
<mailto:y...@tcha.org>> wrote:
FWIW, the current transformer will also rewrite open(f('foo')).

This then also applies to getattr(f('foo'), ...). We'll need to assert
that the 3rd token is a comma, I think.

Seems like the whole group of rewrite have a similar flaw. We should fix
it in a follow up.

My current plan is to accept that changeset with an updated description
incorporating Martijn explanation. I need to find some time to review
its few descendants first because of a current flaw/limitation in our
acceptance system.

I've pushed the updated description.

Fellow reviewers, here is what the accept label were before the repush

1f01e3e33336 augie              py3: a second argument to open can't be bytes 
4b255d432d66 augie marmoute     py3: add an os.fsencode backport to ease path 
handling (mjpieters)
f2701c406cd3 marmoute   test-clone: fix some instability in pooled clone race 
condition test (augie)
5da554404a82 marmoute   test-clone: discard lock-related messages (augie)
ff6ad83fed8c yuya               bisect: minor movement of code handle flag 
updating state (pierre-yves)
2cc6dbf15658 yuya               bisect: rename 'check_code' to match our naming 
scheme (pierre-yves)
6617d5231051 yuya               bisect: remove code about "update-flag" in 
check_state (pierre-yves)
e110b8c76d7c yuya               bisect: simplify conditional in 'check_state' 
38000dc76eff yuya               bisect: move check_state into the bisect module 
49639e29f292 yuya               bisect: factor commonly update sequence 
a075dcc7b99f yuya               bisect: build a displayer only once 
8d079c0594b3 yuya marmoute      py3: test to check which commands run 
731c206da50c yuya               debuginstall: use %d instead of %s for 
formatting an int (augie)
aa408c1881c5 yuya               py3: namedtuple takes unicode (journal ext) 
b5e774ffce88 yuya               py3: use raw strings in line continuation 
(convert ext) (mitrandir)
a75b6c805d96 yuya               pycompat: only accept a bytestring filepath in 
Python 2 (mjpieters)
30b2ca4bcf35 yuya               bisect: extra a small initialisation outside of 
a loop (pierre-yves)
58bc268ab994 yuya               checkcopies: rename 'ca' to 'base' (pierre-yves)
c415f3b39839 yuya               checkcopies: minor change to comment 
fe417a0192b1 yuya               checkcopies: add an inline comment about the 
'_related' call (pierre-yves)
0354b8013257 yuya               checkcopies: extract the '_related' closure 


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