Yuya Nishihara a écrit :
> On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 12:04:21 +0100, Denis Laxalde wrote:
>> Yuya Nishihara a écrit :
>>> This is totally unrelated topic, but how would we do if we want to support
>>> non-contiguous range?
>>>   -L file,a:b,c:d
>>> is ambiguous because file may contain ",".
>> I guess we could iteratively rsplit(",", 1) the file pattern and try to
>> parse "from:to" until it fails, meaning that the remaining would be the
>> file name. Slightly more complicated than it is now, but still doable I
>> think.
> That doesn't sound nice because only reason we've introduced -L was to 
> reliably
> split linerange from file pattern. "1:2" looks odd, but is a valid filename on
> non-Windows.

I'm afraid I don't follow, could you elaborate a bit?

By the way, I worked on this a bit earlier, just after your first email


It seems to be working, but I may have missed something of course.
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