> On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 1:55 PM, Uwe Brauer <o...@mat.ucm.es> wrote:

   > Sorry, you're right. "hg import" does indeed handle multiple patches
   > in the same file.

   > The auctex repo isn't loading for me at the moment so I can't check,
   > but has anyone modified auctex.texi since you made your changes? That
   > would be one reason for the patch not applying.

Not that I know of.

   > Also, I noticed that the attachments on your previous email had CRLF
   > line endings. Have you somehow ended up in a situation where your
   > patch has one style of line endings but the files you are trying to
   > apply them to have a different style?

I will try to check this. The current problem is not urgent, I exported
my recent changes cloned and merged that in, so that solved the problem
somehow, I just wanted to know for the future whether I made something
fundamental wrong?

For me the most important questions are these. 

    -  it is not necessary to use rebase.

    -  In my workflow I alwayscreate a bookmark for my changes. When I
      send a patch, I always have to send the whole branch (bookmark)

That is hg export -r 1::3 -o mypatch.patch

In my previous example. Is that  correct?

BTW even if I used named branches instead of bookmarks there is no
simple way to export a whole branch? As in  in my example

 hg export --branch uwe -o mypatch.patch

Does not exist?


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