p4 with 400 or 533Mhz FSB do not support hyperthreading, *EXCEPT* the p4-3.06/533 does.

P4 with 800MHz FSB (these are the "C" versions) do support hyperthreading.

P4 Xeons all support HT.

I have a question... gotta couple of dual P4/Xeon 2.8 servers, running linux 2.4.20 kernels... using two instances of mprime on them... any way to insure that the two instances run on actual different CPUs and not just two threads of he same CPU? per 'top`, they seem to have landed on CPU2 and CPU3 (out of 0-3).... ooops, now they are on 1,2, which means they have NOT got locked CPU affinity. does anyone know which of the 0,1,2,3 CPUs are the physical ones? meaning, are 0,1 one cpu and 2,3 the other, or are 0,2 one and 1,3 the other?

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