> p4 with 400 or 533Mhz FSB do not support hyperthreading, *EXCEPT* the
> p4-3.06/533 does.
> P4 with 800MHz FSB (these are the "C" versions) do support 
> hyperthreading.
> P4 Xeons all support HT.

Ahh... Good info.

> does 
> anyone know 
> which of the 0,1,2,3 CPUs are the physical ones?  meaning, 
> are 0,1 one cpu and 2,3 the other, or are 0,2 one and 1,3 the other?

The standard way to identify is to have all physical CPU's listed first (0,1
in a dual CPU system) followed by the virtual CPU's (2,3)

Prime95's INI file lets you set the affinity, so look in the settings of the
program to set that to the physical processors.

I can only vouch for Win32 and how it numbers the processors, but I seem to
recall that Linux numbered them the same way... All physical followed by all
virtual.  I could be wrong though.  I sometimes am. :)

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