> I has assigned that exponent to factor. But today it disappears from my
Individual Account Report.

I've had the same experience with some exponents assigned to me.  My guess
is that someone has been doing trial factoring work semi-independent of
PrimeNet and has just reported all the work that they have done.  My reasons
for this belief is 2 fold.

1. For a long time on this page:
there where no exponents in the range listed 21.9M to 22.0M.  This has
recently changed with them now all being listed as available for first time
Lucas Lemer testing.
2. I had a couple of exponents booked out on one machine, these too
disappeared recently but that machine has since checked in to give new end
dates.  They now appear there again but there are 2 differences.  The
booking out date has changed to the check-in date and the range the number
had already been factored to has increased.  He is the listing as it was
just before it disappeared and how it appears now:

23492377  F  57             108.0  84.4  64.4  14-Nov-03 19:56  07-Sep-03
11:52  Dad          1800 v19/v20
23492377  F  58               1.2 134.8 102.8                   27-Dec-03
13:59  Dad          1799 v19/v20

- Range already factored to has increased from 57 to 58.
- Days assigned to me reduced from 108.0 to 1.2
- Date assigned to me changed from 7/9/03 to 27/12/03 (or in US date format
9/7/03 to 12/27/03)

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