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my question is: will the p95 software run on a system of

If you're asking if there's a cluster-aware version of Prime95, the answer is no. Because of the nautre of the error checking done on the server, there is no need to provide failover of the service. Nor is there a need to have two coordinated processes running on each node to increase performance - each node can run a copy of P95 independently, testing different exponents while maintaining the maximum performance possible.

You can use prime95 on a cluster by running a separate copy on each
node, and you'll get all the performance your hardware can provide. If
your particular cluster architecture requires "mirror image" execution
and file-systems, then you'll have a problem, because both nodes will
perform exactly the same prime95 computations, and you'll get the same
performance as a single machine.

I see a bit of confusion here... There are two distinctly different kinds of clustering in common use... High Performance, and High Availability.

HA (High Availability) clusters are most frequently pairs of primary/standby computers, although sometimes they do some form of load balancing for specific sorts of applications (web servers, database servers most typically). This sort of architecture wouldn't be of any use with Mersenne Prime, its a 'self healing' system, its not mission critical, and has its own consistency tests.

HP (High Performance) clusters by contrast are dozens, 100s, or even 1000s of nodes of indentical "cheap" computers loosely clusterd with a network, designed to run distributed computing applications. It would be quite simple to spawn a discrete copy of Prime95 (or the unix/linux mprime) in each node of one of these. If you in fact had 1000s of nodes, it might make sense to implement your own exponent allocation server ('primenet') so that all of the 1000s of nodes aren't directly accessing your internet connection to fetch exponents and return results, on the other hand, each instance of prime95/mprime typically only "checks in" every few days, so this really wouldn't be that big of a deal.

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