dear friends ,
I want to know if it is possible to distribute LL algorithm so that we can
run it on a cluster to test one exopnent on several  nodes simultaneously
so check it in a shorter peroid of time . Or should we use trial_factoring
algorithm in this regard!. or other algorithms.???

>> to whom it may concern :
>> my question is: will the p95 software run on a system of
>> clusters??????
> If you're asking if there's a cluster-aware version of Prime95, the
> answer is no. Because of the nautre of the error checking done on the
> server, there is no need to provide failover of the service. Nor is
> there a need to have two coordinated processes running on each node to
> increase performance - each node can run a copy of P95 independently,
> testing different exponents while maintaining the maximum performance
> possible.
> You can use prime95 on a cluster by running a separate copy on each
> node, and you'll get all the performance your hardware can provide. If
> your particular cluster architecture requires "mirror image" execution
> and file-systems, then you'll have a problem, because both nodes will
> perform exactly the same prime95 computations, and you'll get the same
> performance as a single machine.
> Regards,
>       Ryan
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