If you are going to archive and publish past postings, please be sure
that any email addresses get obfuscated so that they can't be harvested
by spammers.  I just switched email addresses because I was getting so
much spam, and I would hate to have to do it again.

the archives are generally set to 'subscriber only', so you have to be a list subscriber to read them. this has kept the spam harvesters at bay on my other lists.

but, I'll leave the archive option off.

say, who runs the DNS for mersenne.org ?

   $ host -t NS mersenne.org
   mersenne.org name server sbsidns01.sbsi-net.com.

if they set their "MX" to point to my list server, I can host this list as something like [EMAIL PROTECTED] or whatever. alternately, they could create a MX for `lists.mersenne.org`, and we could be like [EMAIL PROTECTED] or some such...

ok, the domain is registered to George Woltman... so he'd have to contact sbsi-net to do this.

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